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We at gondwana green heat have been fitting wood burning boiler stoves for along time now and are constantly improving and tweaking the way we fit, design, specify and commission wood burning boiler stoves. As a leading biomass design and installation company we have brought our knowledge from this sector to the smaller end of the scale, the wood burning boiler stove. We haven’t just brought knowledge either, we have incorporated biomass log burning technology into all our wood burning boiler stoves designs and installs, using flue thermostats and charging valves to name a few, to help stove efficiency as well as overall performance.

go carbon neutral, heat with wood

go carbon neutral, heat with wood

.Wood burning boiler stoves have seen something of a resurrection over the past 5 years mostly due to the cost of gas and oil and its security issues associated, on this page we hope to explain what a wood burning boiler stove is, its pros / cons and what the environmental advantages are. At the bottom there is also a wee section where you can contact us to discuss your requirements and remember we don’t just install we design, calculate, specify , commission and finally hand over a fully working system ready for use.

dowling wood burning boiler stove fitted along side 300 litre thermal store

dowling wood burning boiler stove fitted along side 300 litre thermal store

Firstly so what is a wood burning boiler stove, well it looks much the same as a wood burning stove with the benefit of heating water. This water can then used to heat your hot water for showering etc as well as your central heating. Boiler stoves can be used as a add on to your existing heating system or they can be the sole provider of heating.
Wood burning or multi fuel burning boiler stoves have been around for very long time I personally remember sitting by one as a child keeping warm, the benefit of being around along time is the improvements that have been made, most importantly is efficiency with many wood burning boiler stoves now bosting 80% efficiency. The other main benefit is appearance, there is now a boiler stove for all tastes from the conventional granny stove to the modern slick soap stone clad stunners, there is also a immerging range of build in stoves available which are perfect if you don’t want to see any pipe work / chimney systems and want quite a minimal look.


dowling during instalation

dowling during instalation

Not all boiler stoves start off as a wood burning boiler stove, many manufacturers make retrofit boilers which fit inside you current stove enabling you to add a boiler at a later date, this is fairly common.  Manufacturers to watch our for are,

- Charnwood

- Clearview

- Woodwarm

These 3 manufacturers all do a retrofit boiler options, woodwarm do a large range offering a large range of outputs.

However if you are looking for a central heating wood burning boiler stove, you need to pay close attention to the outputs, the main reason is you ideally want the vast majority of heat going to water and not to the room, this allows you to control where you distribute your heat, you only normally get this with a dedicated boiler stove. With retrofit back boilers, boilers  tend to offer 50% or 30% to water where a dedicated boiler stove gives around 80% to water.  People often say but I want more heat in the living room where the stove is, but remember you still have a radiator or you should have. The room / to water ratio becomes more important in summer/ milder periods of the year where you still want heating for towel rails, hot water etc  but you don’t want to overheat the room where the stove is.  Most customers feel there is a compromise getting the right balance to water / to room while getting a stove with the right apperence, but its important to get the whole package right.  Which brings us onto the wet side of boiler stoves, all our boiler stove  instalations are coupled with a thermal store, so whats are thermal store.

wood fuel heating system picture

wood fuel heating system picture, this picture is also very similar for log, chip and pellet boilers


300 litre, thermal store made by macdonald engineering in fife

300 litre, thermal store made by macdonald engineering in fife

A Thermal store is a tank either made of copper, stainless steel , mild steel etc, and is what it says on the tin a thermal store (heat store) the tank stores heat for when you need it, this is important when dealing with any solid fuel so you have heat when you need it, there is noting worse than getting the stove going first thing in a freezing house, the thermal store enables you to store the heat until you want / need it.   You can also add other heat sources to a thermal store, for example

1. mains gas or lpg boilers

2. oil boiler

3. solar thermal

4. biomass

5. electric immersion elements ( can be feed by solar pv)

Thermal stores come in different sizes with different coils and adaptions and are generally made to order.  The other main benefit of a thermal store is dhw coil ( hot water coil) which gives you mains pressure hot water to the taps.



go green scotland

go green Scotland

The main advantages of having a fully fledges wood burning boiler stove central heating system.

1. No gas boiler is ever going to look as nice as a boiler stove and  its a great room focal point.

2. Save your hard earned pennies, wood is a stable fuel without large fluctuations unlike oil and gas

.3.  Uk fuel independence, you will be buying your fuel from the uk not a foreign billionair

4. we can link other heat sources together

5. wood burning is a cardon neutral form of heating

6. Politically gas and oil are fairly worrying situations, with various conflicts in the middle east and the unpredictable  Russians occasionally proving they control the gas stop cock, its time you made the move to wood.

7. Create jobs in forestry in the Uk

8. By having a wood burning stove or boiler stove you are encouraging land owners to plant more trees

The disadvantages of wood burning boiler stoves.

1. you have to store wood to burn ( or you can purchase from us briquetes ready to burn, contact us for  prices /details)

2. you need a defra approved stove for most UK cities due to smoke restrictions, currently there is only one the Dunsley Yorkshire multifuel boiler stove, this will change as more manufacturers switch on to the potential earning power for producing defra approved wood burning  boiler stoves.

This was designed to be a informative page on boilers stoves, if you need more information or would like to speak about a commission pls get in touch.

defra approved boiler stove

defra approved boiler stove

MCS and Napit approved


HETAS Accredited

Buy a stove, and we’ll plant trees!

We plant 5 trees for every wood burning stove or biomass boiler installed.

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